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Assessor Security Measures

The protection of our users’ data is a primary concern at EI, and extensive steps have been taken to ensure site security. For our customers protection, all traffic through the Assessor site is logged and monitored for attempted unauthorized access. All incoming data packets are inspected for cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injections scripts, and many other other types of malicious probing. EI keeps current with the latest security measures and stays informed of current hacking trends that exist.

All data housed on our servers is accessible only to EI approved medical and IT management personnel. In addition, physical access to our servers is limited to our technical staff. Servers are kept under lock and key with the latest biometric access as well as being protected by several layers of security including video surveillance and motion detection.

EI's technologically advanced web-based audiometric data management system, Assessor©, is a proprietary program that employs the latest in software security methodologies. You can rest assured that all private data is transmitted securely from your PC to the Assessor© servers by utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology on all pages where any type of personal data is transmitted or received. The detail of Assessor©'s SSL certificate issued through the GoDaddy Secure Certification Authority may be viewed by clicking the seal below.